Top 7 Things To Do If You Have A DWI

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You will need to protect your interests after a DWI charge. Contact our lawyers for advice.

The unimaginable happened. You were pulled over for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI). If you have a DWI, what do you do now? There are 7 important things to do if you are charged with a DWI.

  1. Write everything down: As soon as you have been charged with a DWI, write down what happened in great detail. An accurate memory is very important for your case. As the case many take several months to go to trial, the sooner you write down what happened after the incident, the better.
  2. Keep copies of your citation: Any document related to your DWI should be kept in good condition in order to provide copies to a lawyer for examination. A few of the important documents include your citation, the chemical results, any impound documentation, and insurance documentation.
  3. Visit the site of the incident: You may visit the site where you were pulled over and performed the field sobriety tests. Document the area by taking pictures of the slope of the ground, the area where you were pulled over, the curb, the intersection, etc. Take photos of anything you think will help your case. Be prepared to show this to your lawyer.
  4. If you have a DWI, hire a DWI attorney: Hiring an attorney shortly after receiving a DWI will help in the process of collecting and preserving evidence for the case. The lawyer will be able to discuss the particulars of your case and decide the best course of action.
  5. Make your court appearance: In New Jersey, you are required to appear in court for an arraignment where the court advises you of the charges being brought against you. It is important that you arrive at this appearance to enter your plea of guilty or not guilty.
  6. Social media: You may want to consider suspending your social media accounts if there are any posts relating to the day of the incident. The defense can use social media posts against you during the trial.
  7. Play it safe: If you have a DWI, do not get into another situation where you could potentially receive another DWI. The existing charge could be enhanced, meaning the penalties could be more severe if you were to be charged with another DWI or related charge while a DWI is already pending.

If charged with a DWI, you have the right to consult an attorney to decide the best possible course of action. The lawyers at Castronovo & McKinney LLC have experience with DWI cases and are able to help you navigate the confusing process of a DWI trial.